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I initially thought it's going to be another assignment, just a run-of-the-mill read....but I was wrong! Alexei's Blue Marble immediately strike a chord and form a bond with me and a fellow.

Victor O,
The First Pen

Catherine Woodman
Beta Reader, The First Pen

Hello! I'm Michael

Michael R. Robinson is an experienced researcher, a brainbox with a keen sense for even the minutest of detail.  Growing up in a place where both the love for the arts and care for nature flourish, Michael, in his young tender age has developed a penchant for aviation and architecture. 

Travelling to other countries during his youth  has influenced the author on how he sees the world. His memories of Australia stands out ― wild adventures, pure fun. In his youth, Michael was not spared by the many challeges our youth of today faces ― the “wordles”  of  the academic life and the rough but not-so- tough bullies;  all has become an amalgam of ingredients in his first book ― Alexei's Blue Marble 


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